The Storm Cheer & Dance Society

The Storm Cheer and Dance Society is a non-profit parent group whose sole purpose is to provide fundraising opportunities for families at Perfect Storm Athletics in order to help offset program costs. Fundraising is completely optional and  97% of all profits from fundraisers go towards the athlete who raised the funds.  The remaining profits go to the parents’ association to help pay for the cost to carry out their activities. Fundraisers offered include: cookie dough & cheesecakes, WEM Waterpark night, Galaxyland night, Purdys chocolates, frozen pizzas, sausage, and more.

Executive List
President – Katy Illner
Vice President – Talia Coady-Thomas
Treasurer – Brandie Dow
Secretary – Alida Smith
Director at Large – Lyndsey Johnson

If you would like to contact the parents association, you can email the president, Katy Illner, at [email protected]

Current Fundraisers:

VIP Meats

Purdy’s Chocolates

Parents and athletes can join the fundraising group on Facebook for more details: Perfect Storm Edmonton Fundraising