The Storm Cheer & Dance Society

The Storm Cheer and Dance Society is a non-profit parent group whose sole purpose is to provide fundraising opportunities for families at Perfect Storm Athletics in order to help offset program costs. Fundraising is completely optional and  97% of all profits from fundraisers go towards the athlete who raised the funds.  The remaining profits go to the parents’ association to help pay for the cost to carry out their activities. Fundraisers offered include: cookie dough & cheesecakes, WEM Waterpark night, Galaxyland night, Purdys chocolates, frozen pizzas, sausage, and more.

Executive List
Brenda Sauer- President
Candace Weiss – Vice President
Brandie Dow- Treasurer
Alida Smith- Secretary
Crystal White- Director

If you would like to contact the parents association, you can email the president, Brenda Sauer, at [email protected]

We are very grateful to have an active parents’ association that offers several fundraisers each season.  These opportunities are completely optional.  All money raised goes directly into athlete accounts to help pay for program fees, uniforms, tuition, and other expenses.  The restrictions placed on the gym due to COVID-19 are making things challenging for everyone including the parent’s association.  Due to the limited number of people allowed in the gym we cannot have fundraising pick ups at the gym so the PA is looking at creative ways to solve this problem.  Fundraiser picks ups will be as close to the gym as possible but until the limit is changed or lifted the gym cannot be used.  If you cannot pick your items up on the day specified and at the location specified in the fundraising information, please do not participate in the fundraiser.  The PA is made up of parent volunteers who give up hours of their time and they cannot make alternate arrangements for individuals to pick up their items.  Thank you for your understanding.  for all the details on current and upcoming fundraisers, please join the fundraising Facebook group. Click here to join the fundraising Facebook group.

2020-21 Fundraisers:

October – Apples and possibly beef jerky
November – VIP Meats/ Kickass Caramels
December- cookie dough
January- Little Caesers
March- VIP Meats and Purdys Chocolate