What is all-star cheerleading?

All star cheer is one of Canada’s fastest growing sports and it is quickly gaining popularity across the world!  In fact, cheerleading is on its way to being recognized as an Olympic sport.  It is a fun team activity that combines all the athletic components of sport such as strength, power, flexibility, endurance, fitness and mental tenacity. It also helps athletes increase their body awareness and self-esteem and develops leadership and communication skills. Athletes in this sport work toward developing skills such as tumbling, jumping, stunting, performance skills, dance and team work.  At Perfect Storm Athletics we have cheer teams for athletes age 4 & up and for beginners through elite athletes.

The all-star cheer season starts in May with team selections/tryouts and runs through until April of the following year.  Prep starts in May with new athlete assessments.  Team registration starts in June.  Training runs September to mid-April.  Rec runs in sessions.  More information can be found below on each of our program types.

What program is right for my child?

We understand that it can be overwhelming and difficult to choose a program for your child. We hope that this page will help you to make a more informed decision.  Please feel free to call or email use with any questions you might have!
At Perfect Storm Athletics we offer three types of cheer programs:


  • The all-star cheer season runs from May – April each year.
  • Teams for ages 6 through adult (U8, U12, U16, U18 and Open 15+)  Please note that while “U” does mean under, when a division is named U8, it means the athletes are 8 and under (not under 8).
  • Teams for beginners through elite athletes.  Experience is not necessary. Click here to read about the different levels of all-star cheer.
  • All-star placements are in May and teams start practicing in June.
  • Practices are once a week June through August and then twice a week September through April.  Teams have practice one weeknight (Mon-Thurs) and one weekend (Fri-Sun).
  • There is a mandatory team skills camp in June.
  • Teams compete in 4-5 local competitions and perform at our gym showcase.
  • Teams attend one travel competition (usually over 3 hours away).
  • Athletes purchase practice gear and a competition uniform.
  • Registration for tryouts is required.
  • For more details on our all-star teams, please read our Competitive Program Handbook
  • For more information on the different levels of cheerleading, please click here: Levels of Cheerleading.


  • The prep season runs September through mid-April.
  • Teams for ages 5-17 (U6, U8, U12, U16)
  • U6 & U8 prep teams will practice 1.5-2 hours per week. U12 & U16 prep teams teams will practice 2.5 hours per week
  • Prep plus practices 2x per week September through April: U8 1.5 hrs twice per week, U12 2 hrs twice per week.
  • Tumbling is included in team practices but additional tumbling training is encouraged.
  • Teams compete in 5 competitions and perform in our gym showcase.
  • Athletes purchase practice gear and a competition uniform.
  • For more information on our prep teams, please read our Competitive Program Handbook


  • Runs in sessions: Fall (September to December), Winter (January to March), Spring (May-June) and Summer (July-Aug).
  • Teams for ages 4-12 (U5, U6, U8, U12) as well as an adult team (fall session only).
  • Teams practice once a week and have a performance at the end of their session.  There are no competitions for recreational teams.
  • Registration fee (fall and winter) includes a Perfect Storm shirt to be worn at practices and their performance. There is no uniform.
  • Special abilities team runs Sept-Mar, includes 3 performances and a t-shirt.  Click here for details
  • For more information on our rec teams, please read our Program Handbook.

To see what programs are currently open for registration please click here.