Weather Forecast – June 4

The Weather Forecast – June 4, 2018

Open Gym this week
Thursday 8-10pm
Sunday 6:30-8:30pm
Free open gym for athletes on a competitive team (prep or all-star) is now in effect!  Please remember that athletes under 7 require a parent to be present.  Open gym is a time to train and work on skills, not “playtime” in the gym.

All-Star Parent Meetings
Just a reminder that we have parent info sessions running every night this week.  These are geared mostly towards new families to our gym but all families are welcome.  Monday 6pmTuesday 7pmWednesday 6pm and Thursday 6pm.  We will run prep team meetings in the fall when those teams start up.

Upcoming Classes
Have a friend who is interested in cheer?  They can try “Check Out Cheer” in June before committing to a program!  Dates are June 7 & 14.  Cost is just $20 and they get a $20 credit off a cheer program if they decide to join!

Summer tumbling classes are now open for registration.  Classes are done based on team and level.  If you are unsure of what class or level please contact us and we can help you out.  Tumbling classes follow the cheer team practice schedule and as such classes start at the beginning of June, there are no classes the first 3 weeks in July, and end right before team camps start at the end of August.

Specialized base/backspot and flyer training has been scheduled for this Saturday, June 9th!  We are bringing in a world-class athlete from the US to work alongside some Perfect Storm coaches!   Register on-line.  Just $25 for 4 hours!

2018-19 Summit Teams – *New Age Clarification
Next season we will be fielding 2 teams that will be vying for bids to the 2019 International Summit in Orlando, Florida.  This competition takes place at the beginning of May right after Worlds.  In order to be on a Summit team, athletes must already be on another all-star team at Perfect Storm.  Please note that the ages for these teams follow the international age grid which uses December 31, 2019 as their age.  We just received further clarification on the ages for international teams. The junior 1 team is for athletes who will be 10-16 years old in 2019.  If the athlete is between 10 and 16 at any point in 2019, they are eligible for Junior.  The senior 2 team is for athletes who will be 14-18 in 2019.  If the athlete is between 14 and 18 at any point in 2019, they are eligible for Senior. Try-outs for these teams will take place on June 14 from 5-8pm.

Summer Camps
Did you know we run summer camps for level 1-2 kids every week of the summer from July 3-Aug 23?  It’s a great way to keep your kids busy and active over the summer.  Plus, if you register the same child for 2 camps, the second one is half price! Register through your customer portal.  Friends are welcome to join – no experience necessary!

Pre-Authorized Payment Forms
Just a reminder that ALL athletes are required to have a pre-authorized payment form on file and billing information in their account.  If you have not filled one out, please do so and return it to the gym as soon as possible.  Program fees for all star and prep start in June and we need to have this taken care of prior to fees being charged on June 1. For those who need to fill out the form, you can find a copy here: Pre Authorized Payment Form