Weather Forecast – Feb 22, 2021

All-Star in March & April
All-star teams will be in the gym once a week for a 50 minute small group team training session on their regular weeknight practice day.  Please check your email for your specific time as athletes have been divided into small groups to comply with AHS restrictions.  Athletes on a U6-U17 team have also been scheduled for two 25 minute semi-private lessons.  Please check the schedule for your lessons. Click here to view the semi-private lesson schedule
We plan to continue all-star training in April (following spring break) once a week as we are doing for March.  Once we get the next update from the government, we will put together our full April plan and share it with you.

Last prep classes this week in person
Prep athletes will be in the gym this week for their final practice!  Groups and times were emailed on Friday.  Don’t forget to wear your uniform.

Additional March Classes
We have lots of great classes open for registration including rec/prep cheer classes, flyer training, and a limited number of tumbling classes.  We will continue to offer semi-private lessons.  Registration is open through Jackrabbit.  Many classes are already full so check soon to avoid disappointment.

Spotting in Private Lessons
Coaches may be doing some light spotting and technique correction that involves physically touching athletes.  According to AHS coaches “may enter physically distancing space for brief interactions with participants (for example, to correct form or technique)”.  We will keep this to a minimum but it will be extremely beneficial to our athletes.

Individual Photos – Additional appointments for March 6

We are excited to be offering optional cheer photos again this year!  Please follow the link below to book an appointment for your athlete’s individual cheer portrait on March 6. There is no fee for this; you will only pay if you order photos. As per AHS guidelines, an appointment must be made to secure a session. Athletes will need to remain inside their vehicle until the exact time of their session, as we must ensure the client before you has left the building. Parents are not permitted in the gym.  Any additional information regarding covid guidelines will be sent the day before the session.  Within 2 weeks of your session, you will receive a link to a gallery of your images. You will be able to choose the image you would like to purchase (digital or prints), along with assorted products such as trading cards, baggage tags, magnets, etc. Products and prints will be available to pick up at the gym and will not be shipped directly to your home.  Looking forward to seeing you all in those amazing new uniforms!  

Any questions may be directed to Amanda at
Click here to sign up for a time slot.  All bookings are done through the photographer using this link.  Perfect Storm is not responsible for bookings.

Parents’ Association
The Storm Cheer & Dance Society is planning their Annual General Meeting for Wednesday, March 17 at 6pm via Zoom. Storm Cheer & Dance Society members include all athletes 18 years and older and parents of athletes at Perfect Storm Athletics Edmonton.  All members are encouraged to attend the meeting. Below are some important documents related to the meeting. Please check your email for the document links.

  1. Notice of the Meeting
  2. Agenda of the Meeting
  3. Minutes from the Meeting of Members held September 24, 2018
  4. Revised By-laws to be presented for approval on March 17th. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the president, Brenda Sauer, at

New Season
We don’t yet know what next season will look like or when it will begin, but we are excited to announce that you can now register your intent to cheer again next season.  Please visit your customer portal on Jackrabbit (click here) to register for either prep or all-star cheer for the 2021-22 season.  There is no charge to register and no dates yet for team placements.  If you aren’t sure which you want (prep or all-star), just choose one for now.  We will have specific age/level sign registration when we have a better idea of when we can run team placements.   This registration will simply ensure you are kept up to date with our plans and will help us as we prepare for the season ahead.