Weather Forecast – Feb 12, 2018

The Weather Forecast – February 12, 2018

Love Storm Week – Feb 9-15!

“Love Perfect Storm ~ Love Your Community” Please bring in non-perishable items for the food bank.  We will have boxes at the gym to collect your donations.
Athletes are welcome to wear any Perfect Storm gear to practices between Friday, Feb 9 & Thursday, Feb 15.
Our 2018-19 Program Handbook release has been pushed back as the age grid for next season will not be out until the end of this week.  For information on the upcoming season, please attend your team meeting listed below.

Open Gym
Thursday, Feb 15 8-10pm
Friday Feb 16 – no open gym
Sunday, Feb 17 – no open gym

Gym Closure Dates

Family Day weekend – Friday, Feb 16 through Sunday, Feb 18 there are no classes or practices.  The gym is open for classes and practices on Monday, Feb 19.
Spring Break/Easter – Friday, March 23-Sunday, April 1 there are no classes or practices.  Exception: youth teams will practice Mar 30/31 at their regular time due to the Sea to Sky competition the next weekend.  We are open for classes and practices on April 2.  We are also open for private lessons during Spring Break.

Competition Schedule for January-April

  • Red Deer Cheer & Dance Challenge– Feb 24.  This is for all-star teams who are not traveling to Calgary for the Battle of Champions.  All-star teams who are participating in the Red Deer event will not practice Feb 23, 24, or 25.
  • True North– Mar 9-11.  This is for prep & all-star teams as well as Rainbows.  The event is held at the Edmonton Expo Centre.  This will be the final competition of the season for our prep teams & Rainbows.  Like Cold Snap, it is a one day event for prep, tiny, and mini teams, and a 2 day event for youth and older.  This is the last event for our prep teams.
  • All-Star Cheer Extravaganza– Apr 20-21.  This competition is held at the Shaw Conference Centre downtown.  Our all-star tiny through senior teams plus Vortex will participate in this event.  This is a one-day event.  Teams will compete either Friday or Saturday.  Based on the past, prep has been Friday and all-star on Saturday but we have not received any draft schedules yet so please do not make other plans.

Galaxyland Fundraiser

The parents’ association will be selling WEM Galaxyland tickets again this week.  The date of the event is March 3, 2018 from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm.  Tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis, with NO MAXIMUM, and NO HOLDS.
The sale price is $20 per ticket which is a savings of $13. Athletes will profit $5 per ticket.
Times of sale at the Edmonton gym:
Monday – 6:00to 8:00pm
Tuesday – 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Wednesday – 6:00pm -8:00pm
Thursday – 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Parent Information Sessions
We are holding important parent meetings from Feb 11-21 for each of our prep and all-star teams to cover information on the balance of the season as well as what to expect for next season.  This will also be an opportunity for parents to give us feedback and make suggestions.  We ask that one parent or representative come from each family.

Monday, Feb 12
6:00pm: Youth 1 Frost
7:00pm: Youth 3 Avalanche

Tuesday, Feb 13:
5:30: Mini 2 Hail
6:15: Junior 1 Hurricanes
7:00: Senior 3 Ice

Wednesday, Feb 14
6:00pm: Junior 3 Twisters
7:00pm:  Junior 2 Cyclones

Thursday, Feb 15
5:00pm: Tiny Prep Snowflakes
6:00pm: Senior 1 Tsunami
7:00pm: Mini Prep Icicles

Monday, Feb 19
6:00pm: Youth 1 Freeze
7:00pm: Senior 2 Typhoons

Tuesday, Feb 20
6:00pm: Senior 4 Tornadoes
7:00pm: Youth 2 Blizzard

Wednesday, Feb 21
5:30pm: Tiny Sprinkles
6:30pm: Mini 1 Rain
7:15pm: Youth 2 Wildfire