Weather Forecast – Aug 4, 2020

Mask Bylaw

In accordance with the new City of Edmonton bylaw, masks will now be required inside the gym when not doing physical activity.  Athletes will be required to wear them as they enter the gym and keep them on until instructed to remove them.  Athletes must bring a ziplock bag labeled with their name so that their mask can be placed inside when it’s not being used.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation with this.

Tumbling Clinics

We have so many tumbling clinics lined up over the next few weeks!  These are a great way to build strength and improve skills.  Coach Emilyy is from our Calgary gym and we are so excited to welcome her back to Edmonton for a couple of days. 

August 7Level 4/Layouts – 5-7pm$30Coach JedFULL
August 10Level 2 – 3:00-4:30pm$24Coach Jenna
August 11Level 1 – Adv/Level 2 Beginner 9:15-10:45am$24Coach Emilyy
August 11Level 2 – 11am-12:30pm$24Coach Emilyy
August 11Level 1 – Adv 1:15-2:45pm$24Coach Emilyy1 spot left
August 11Level 3 – 3:00-4:30pm$24Coach EmilyyFULL
August 12Level 1 Beginner – 3-4:15pm$20Coach Jenna
August 12Level 2 10-11:30am$24Coach Emilyy
August 12Level 4 – 3:00-4:30$24Coach SeanFULL
August 12Level 4/5 – 6:00-8:00pm$30Coach JedFULL
August 13Level 4/5 – 6:00-8:00pm$30Coach JedFULL
August 17Level 2 – 2:30-4:00pm$24Coach Hallie
August 18Level 3 – 2:00-4:00pm$30Coach Jed
August 18Level 2 – 2:30-4:00pm$24Coach Jenna
August 19Level 4 – 2:00-4:00pm$30Coach JedFULL
August 20Level 1 Beginner – 2:30-3:45pm$24Coach Jenna
August 24Level 4 – 2:00-4:00pm$30Coach Jed

Summer Camps Added

We still have a few spots left in our summer camps and we have added more!  Camps remaining:
Kids ages 6-11: August 10-14, August 17-21 (Full and half day options – 9-4, 9-12 and 1-4)
Tweens ages 11-15: Aug 20-24 – half day only (12-4pm)

Team Placement Update
Due to the 50 person limit inside the gym, we have made some adjustments to our team placement times.  Dates all remain the same with the exception of the open/worlds team tryouts which will be reduced from 3 sessions to 2.  The new placement schedule has been added to our July/August google sheet and times will have been updated in JackRabbit.  Edmonton’s placements can be found on the second tab. Edmonton Team Placement Schedule  We apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause.

Check Out Cheer Next Week
Do you know someone who is interested in cheer and would like to try it before committing? We are running two check out cheer sessions on August 11.  For just $10 they can give cheer a try.  Registration is open on our website.

Private Lessons
There are still openings in the schedule for anyone looking to book a private tumbling lesson.  We have added some daytime lessons to the schedule for the weeks of placements (Aug 17-27). There will be no evening lessons these weeks as we are currently limited to 50 people inside the gym and our placement sessions will take up these spaces.

COVID Screening Form still in effect

The form must be filled out within a couple of hours of your arrival at the gym.  Please do not fill the form out if you are not coming to the gym that day.  The form is time stamped when you submit it and it must be completed the same day you come to the gym or it is invalid.  Athletes whose forms are not filled out will not be permitted to enter the gym.  We suggest that you save the link to this form so that you have easy access to it each time you come to the gym.  All staff will also be required to fill this form out.   You can also access the link from our Storm Chasers page on Facebook and our website.  Link to the form: COVID Screening Form