The Weather Forecast – Perfect Storm’s Weekly Newsletter

February 11, 2019

It’s LOVE STORM week!
Don’t forget to bring in a donation to the food bank.  All athletes are welcome to wear any Storm gear to practice.

Las Vegas Bound
Good luck to all of our teams that are headed to Las Vegas this weekend for the Jamz Nationals competition.

Open Gym this week
Thursday 8-10pm
No Friday or Sunday open gym as it is a long weekend.

Family Day Weekend
The gym is closed Friday Feb 15-Sunday Feb 17 for prep and all-star practices and tumbling classes.  We are open for regular practices and classes on Monday, February 18.  (This is a very important practice day as it will be the last practice for our youth 1 and 2 teams before they compete on Saturday in Red Deer.)  Only our 5 class cheer session and tumbling class will run on Saturday, February 16.  Teams travelling to Las Vegas will resume practices on Wed Feb 20.

Teachers’ Convention
We are running tumbling clinics for Levels 1-4 during the upcoming Edmonton Teachers’ Convention on Feb 28 & Mar 1.  Registration is open.

Upcoming Competitions
Red Deer for Mini 1 & 2 and Youth 1 & 2 – Feb 23.  Watch for full details coming this week. All other teams will have practice as usual on Feb 23.
True North for all prep and all-star teams – Mar 1, 2, 3.  We will send details as soon as they are available.

Spring Break
The gym will be closed for practices March 22-31 with the exception of practices on March 29 for Freeze and Blizzard and March 30 for Frost as these teams are travelling to Vancouver the following weekend.  Please watch for some spring break tumbling clinics.

This is a brand new event that we are very excited about!  The concept behind this event is to give athletes and teams the opportunity to train next-level skills in both stunting and tumbling.  In the past, athletes and parents have expressed concern that athletes are expected to do or try skills at tryouts that they have never had a chance to train.  This season they will have that chance.  Some teams will have several next level skills and some may have only a few but all teams will be challenged.  (Worlds and Summit teams will not level up.) This event will include all Perfect Storm all-star teams from all 4 locations.  The name “4Cast” was derived from the idea that we are forecasting the future of our gyms and we have 4 locations. The event will be held in Calgary.  More details will be released soon including the exact location.