The Weather Forecast – Perfect Storm’s Weekly Newsletter

April 15, 2019

Open Gym this week
Thursday 8-10pm
Friday – no open gym
Sunday – no open gym

We hope you enjoyed your day at 4Cast.  We saw some incredible levelling up along with fantastic performances by our Summit and Worlds teams.  And we have to give a special shout out to our favourite Weathermen on a truly unforgettable performance!

Team Selections
You can now register for team selections for next season for both prep and all-star.  Please note that the ages are as of August 31, 2019.  Athletes should be attending the team selections for the team that fits their age group.  If we require athletes to move up an age group, we will contact them.  Generally, we only need flyers to move up.  In addition, we are looking for athletes who are well rounded and have multiple skills at the level they are trying out for.  Please do not expect to be the exception. Coaches will be recommending where athletes should go next season.  If you have any questions about what is best for your athlete, your coach is your best resource.

Year End Gala
Our annual year end celebration will take place on Saturday, May 11 at the Edmonton Inn.  Tickets are $25 per person and include dinner.  Tickets can be purchased through your customer portal.  

We are so excited to be offering our families a wonderful keepsake of this season for just $28.  All prep, all-star, and Rainbows teams will be featured in the book.  Please visit your customer portal to purchase one – you can register for it just like you register for a class.

Click here to visit the customer portal.

Summer Camps
Our summer camps are now open for registration!  We have half day camps for ages 3.5-5 (Tots Camps) and full day for ages 6-11(Kids Camps).  We have a special offer running on our full day kids camps – register the same child for 2 full weeks and receive $100 off the second week.  If your second week is the 4-day week, you will receive $80 off.  This offer does not apply to Tots Camps.

Summer Planning?
There are no all-star team practices June 28 – July 21.  All-star team camps will run August 23-28.

Program Handbook
We promise that we are working hard behind the scenes to prepare our 2019-20 Program Handbook.  We want to ensure that all of the information is accurate and we appreciate your patience.