The Weather Forecast – Perfect Storm’s Weekly Newsletter

Weather Forecast – July 26, 2021

Parent Viewing!
Parents are welcome to come into the gym to watch this week. Please be mindful that space is limited so if there are a lot of people we ask that you limit your time in the gym. We also ask that you are respectful and keep your voices lowered and turn cell phone ringers off.

Tumbling Clinics 
Clinics this week:

July 26


Level 3Adv/4

July 27


Level 1 Adv

July 27


Level 2 Adv

July 28


Level 1 Beg

July 28


Level 2 Beg

July 28



Next week:

August 4



August 4


Level 1 Adv

August 5



Jewelry and Long Nails
Just a reminder that all jewelry must be removed before athletes are permitted to participate in any gym activities.  New piercings must be taped.  Starting in mid-September taping will no longer be allowed and all piercings must be removed.  Long nails should be trimmed so they are not much longer than the tip of your finger and should not be shaped to a point.

Semi-Private Lessons

Semi-private lessons are available Mondays through Thursdays. The schedule is posted until the week of August 9.  Click here to view the schedule.

Open Gym – Tumble and Stunt

Open gym runs on Thursdays from 8-9:30pm. This is for athletes age 8 and up to work on tumbling and STUNTING skills under the supervision of a coach. Summer open gym will cost $5 if you are registered in any summer program, $10 if you are not registered. There is no registration required for open gym.

Summer Camps – Half day options now available and another week added!

Only 3 weeks of summer camp left!  We have added in some half day options and offer sibling and multi-camp discounts for full day camps.

Kids Camp

Tots Camp

Aug 3-6 (3 spots)

Aug 3-6 (full)

Aug 9-13 (1 spot)

Aug 9-12 (2 spots)

Aug 16-20

Aug 23-27

Team Placements
Team placements will take place from August 16-26. We encourage you to register as soon as possible to secure your spot and to assist us in our planning.  As athletes train over the summer we can adjust where they are registered as needed. Click here to log into your account.

Uniform Swap

2021-22 is year 2 of a 3 year uniform cycle.  Jackets are also the same as last season.
Date: Thurs, September 2, 6:30-8pm

If you would like to SELL any part of your All Star or Prep current uniform, please drop it off at the Edmonton gym on the following dates & times:

July 14 to Aug 19 – Monday-Thursday, 9am to 8pm

*July 26 week evenings after 5pm only

*Aug 23 week evenings after 5pm only

*Aug 30 to Sept 1 *phone ahead for hours

*LAST DAY to bring in is Wednesday, Sept 1. We will not be accepting uniforms dropped off on Sept 2.

Each uniform piece must be put into a separate ziploc bag (scrunchie, uniform bodysuit, uniform skirt, team jacket)

Each ziploc bag must be clearly labelled with the ATHLETE’S FULL NAME, uniform piece description including PREP or ALL STAR and SIZE, and your asking PRICE.


Is your athlete interested in being on 2 teams this season?  If so, please fill out this form and we will see if there is a suitable 2nd team for them closer to or after our team placements. Crossover Form

A crossover athlete participates on two teams.  These teams may be at different levels.  Often a crossover athlete crosses over to a lower level team than their “first” team.  Being on a lower level team than your main team is an excellent opportunity to train more and perfect your skills, while being an asset to another team.

Being a crossover athlete is an excellent opportunity to develop your overall skills as an athlete.

All-Star athletes who are on one team and then cross over to another team pay fees as follows:

●  50% discount on all Program Fees Sept to March, the discount is off the lower priced team

●  All competition crossover registration fees

●  All additional travel competition crossover costs (travel comp reg fees & coach travel costs from both teams)

Being a crossover athlete is a big commitment. Please consider the practice times and days involved for each team, the travel involved for each team, and that the competition times for each team could vary greatly in time of day or be almost back-to-back.
If you are involved in other activities, have a heavy school or work schedule, or will be away at any point during the season, you should not be a crossover.